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For Your References – Jodie Mak & Katelynn Bailey

For Your Reference

We look for answers, but how do we come up with the questions?

We sift through private collections, playfully exploring the subjects of knowledge, femininity, technology and nostalgia, and their relationship with the printed matter. How do we consume information and what do we spit out?

For Your Reference is a personal assemblage of cultural narratives and a collaborative installation by Katelynn Bailey and Jodie Mak.

Join us at the opening reception at Yactac Gallery, June 18th 7:00-11:00pm!

Yactac Gallery is located at 7206 Ontario Street, Vancouver.

Katelynn Bailey‘s practice uses photography both as a medium for as well as a subject of investigation. Photography for her allows for the exploration of relationships, experience and familiarity with regards to social space. This exploration begins with the use of simplistic, everyday moments wherein she employs associations with movement, perspective and perception in daily life. This can be seen in her process, which includes the use of repetition and fragmentation. By exploiting the perspective and using different approaches to documenting subject matter allows for a dynamically charged documentation of typical and somewhat ordinary social situations. This allows for an exploration in relationships, experience and social dynamic.

Jodie Mak is a person that lives in Vancouver, Canada.
Working primarily in printmaking, photography and painting, I have lately been interested in conflicts in ideologies as articulated in text, identity as marked by taste and consumption, and power, or the lack thereof. Hopefully, the viewer partakes in the negotiations between these things, as I try to cram them within the space of an image. Some kind of catharsis or reconciliation may ensue, but probably not. Mainly, I try to please people by making things they might look at.

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