Yactac Gallery is pleased to present “Weronika Is Turning 27”.

A November Birthday Celebration / Exhibition hosted by Dennis Ha, Peggy and Karen Ngan

Opening: November 26, 2011 / 7:00pm – Late
Show opens: December 3 & 4, 2011 / 1pm – 5pm

Dennis, Peggy and Karen are keeping themselves busy by preparing one big birthday party for:

Allisa Kim, Cindy Zhang, Francesca Isobel Scott-Flippin, Kerensa Haynes, Cheryl Hamilton, Heather Pennell, Stephanie Rowe, Arek Nocun, Bryan Adams, Caroline Nguyen, Wakako Iga, Eric Cottrell, Brian Kokoska, Garfield (Gary) Ross Bennet, Divya Mehra, Jason Nicholls, Christopher Olson, Kitsum Cheung, Jane Gismondi, Selina Lim, Judy Cheung, Charlotte Sunday Lowe, Hayden P, Nick Howe, Jessie Jakumeit, Kerstin Bauer, Erin Leckie, Terese Stenhjem, Shaughnessey Leslie Marie Keely, Kristin Cheung, Samuel Luk, Jaz Halloran, Laura Nguyen, Matthew Smith, Katie Nanton, Weronika Stepien, Bryan Bone, Sarah Storteboom, Andrea Tuele, and Emily Yin.

Come join us at the party and be part of the celebration! Bring your friends or anyone you wish!

We will have: Food! Games! & Prizes! Music! Plus DJ set by Junior Whopper! It is time to party!

Also, there will be art performance, birthday cakes and songs dedicated to the birthday boys and girls.

For those who are not in Vancouver or cannot attend the event, we will have skype live chat at the party so that you can celebrate with us online! Skype nickname: birthdaysnovember

Special birthday songs will commence in three sessions in the order of birthdays at:

7:30pm – Nov 1 – 10
8:30pm – Nov 11 – 20
9:30pm – Nov 21 – 30

Hope to see you all there!

*Gallery will be open by appointment after the opening. Please contact yactacgallery@gmail.com for private view schedule.

*Special thanks to Barry Doupé, Adrian Bartel, 221 A, and Brian McBay for their help.


Dennis Ha was born on October 20.
Peggy and Karen Ngan were born on April 30.


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