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Living Room – Stacey Ho

Living Room

August 24th – 31st

Opening reception: Friday August 24, 7-11pm.

Yactac Gallery

7206 Ontario St. at 56th Ave, Vancouver, BC

Yactac Gallery is pleased to present Stacey Ho‘s solo exhibition titled“Living Room”. Stacey Ho dabbles in art-making, art-writing, art-programming, and other art-related activities. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in media and photography from NSCAD University, she has recently exhibited at Gallery 44 in Toronto and completed a residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts.


“I had been living in one of those houses that has seen many years of tenants. People were always moving in and out, leaving behind mysterious and everyday objects. The things slowly accumulated. Rooms and furniture became progressively more worn with use and duration. Dirt and grit built up in cracks and corners.

Living in this house for more than a year, I became interested in it as a subject that could be examined intimately over time. Photographing around this space, I returned to the same walls, windows, and objects. The accretion and repetition of photographic moments reflected the shifting evolution of the household. Discarded objects: dead and fake plants, old jewelry, and used textiles like bedding, carpet, and clothing appeared, arranged and rearranged as still lifes. Objects and their images were reinstalled in the studio, forming new constellations.

Evolving bit by bit, these domestic scenes offer glimpses of a continuous process of time proceeding. Their substance, however, reflects a perpetual stillness, gathers dust.”

– Stacey Ho

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