From This Peak To That One 2

“The specific objective and concept of this exhibition is to investigate the space between peaks, the journey to and from each peak, and the peak itself whether literal or allegorical. Whether it be of mountains, mounds, maximums, trips, triangles, primes, perfections or high points. There is something that every peak has in common; its structure. There is a base and a tip. There is a low point and a high point. And there are so many peaks, (in terms of mountains – endless, in terms of experiences- lifetime, in terms of storylines- at least one). So we are repeating and playing with a common shape in different ways, with different things and in different contexts. We are using simple, humble and readily available mediums; we are sketching/recording/documenting/constructing our explorations of reaching peak after peak from geometry to geology.”


Jo Peters is an artist and adventurer. Though born and raised in Vancouver she has spent long periods of time in Alberta, Mexico, London UK, Yukon, and the Kootenies. She holds BFA from Emily Carr and Chelsea School or Art and Design and is currently a bike courier in Vancouver. Her art practice covers multiple disciplines including collaging, drawing, home-making, sculpture, performance, curating and writing. She has curated and shown in Dawson City, London and Vancouver. Her work explores her relationship with and time spent in Canadian Wilderness within the contexts of living in a media saturated environment.

Lauren Everall is a Winter born, Canadian artist, educator, and adventurer currently residing on Pender Island in magical British Columbia. She holds a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design and a BEd in Art Education from UBC. Her work explores the socially constructed tension between civilization, culture, humans and the wildness of the natural and unruly world. She is interested in getting tangled up in the fur, dirt, and guts of life, death, and rebirth.

Hunt-Brondwin received her BFA from Emily Carr University in 2011, her studies including an exchange with the European Exchange Academy in Beelitz-Heilstatten, Germany. An interdisciplinary practice, her work includes painting, drawing, sculpture, performance and writing, investigating the qualities of human relationships and our phenomenological and physiological connection to landscapes and the Natural. As her studies continue within New Media, Haley is interested in the investigation of digital technology’s impact on the human psyche, and the juxtaposition of the New with tactile, material, mechanical and out of date technologies. There is a space between the future and the forgotten that begs for reflection.

Liz Toohey-Wiese is a graduate from Emily Carr University, receiving her BFA in painting. In her undergraduate degree she also studied at the University of Victoria and the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon. Since graduation she has completed an artist residency at Gamlí Skolí in Hrísey, Iceland, and been a part of group and solo shows around Vancouver, B.C. Her artwork explores relationships between identity and place. Born and raised in the suburbs of Vancouver, her work seeks to intervene in the broader notion of “landscape” in the cities and the surrounding natural areas she finds herself in.

Hailey Gooch is a BFA graduate from Emily Carr University and the University of Alberta. With both sculpture and drawing, her work studies the language of material landscapes while using minimal architectural gestures. Living in BC, Canada she remains inspired by mountain anatomy and by living in and studying architecturally tiny spaces. Hailey will be pursuing her Master’s in Architecture in September 2013.

Monika Loevenmark lives in Vancouver, Canada and has a BFA from the Emily Carr University of Art & Design. Her practice is based in Vancouver and Göteborg, Sweden and includes painting, photography and writing. Recent activities include exhibitions and projects at ?02 [san02] Gallery in Japan, Art Bank in Vancouver, Vansinnet in Sweden, attending the Tracing Mobility symposium in Berlin, writing monthly reviews for Music and Arts Magazines Discorder and BeatRoute and being interviewed by David Roth for Woo Magazine.She is the co-founder of For the Love of Rain, an artist-run initiative platform based in Göteborg and recipient of the Kultur Ungdom K-Pengar grant from the City of Göteborg. Her work is in private collections in Canada, including the Government of Canada.

Her work draws on the notion of generative grammar with the goal of creating models of the inner language in abstract paintings. The inner language deals with the delineation of moods and the syntax of colour and form. A particular theme is geological structures with a specific interest in Stora Kopparberg, a mine in Falun, Sweden and the oldest corporation in the world.


Yactac Gallery
7206 Ontario Street (@ E56th)
Vancouver, B.C
V5X 3B7

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