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V5X3B7 – Irabaj Reklaw

Opening reception: Saturday July 20, 2013, 7-11pm.

Architecture is a craft sustained by the mind that experiences it, materialized by the mind that lives in admiration for it, and destroyed by the mind that is in ignorance to it.

Vancouver is a city in which all three mentalities exist, but has been grasped by the ignorant. In between the banality of each construction site, signs of its history remain untouched. Like vessels, buildings accumulate the city’s story and through the ignorance of a biased agenda there remains only a few buildings that explain a rich architectural history. These structures have now become defaced, hidden, or forgotten.

V5X3B7 is a postal code that identifies a home built during a time when Vancouver was open to those who admire architecture as an equalizer between the rational and romantic ideals that lie latent within the fortitude of a freethinking society. As an exhibition, V5X3B7 represents an ideology toward an effort to pay homage to what has been forgotten by reinstating the connection Vancouver once had to the development of an urban landscape that considered the importance of a diverse architectural landscape.

Irabaj Reklaw

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