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A Field Survey – Jimmy Liang

December 13 – 20, 2013
Opening Reception / December 13, 2013, 7-11pm

A Field Survey evokes an intimate narrative with an empathetic objectivity in order to explore the gestural and fluidity of painting.

This study is a “visual anthropology” which is a method where one sifts through the behaviours presented in various frameworks of contemporary user-generated media. Much like the survey of soil deposits, the colour and texture is embodied through the corresponding references of space and time of its respective medium.

This can range from self-portraits (“selfies”), YouTube videos, blogs, and many other self-visualizations that record “everyday life” in its most intimate settings within their social circle, or even at the comfort of one’s own bedroom. The paintings materialize by their raw and unkempt texture, as well as maintaining its representational structure with no signs of abstract ambiguity. There are two opposing methods that collide to create a subversive narrative, which can be framed as, “carving a Victorian house with a dull, rusty spoon”.

Despite this study of human expression defined by its “anthropological” narrative, underneath the paint is simply that: of mark-making and texture. The world presented in each individual painting stays within the canvas and possesses a parallel autonomy of its own.

A Field Survey explores the physicality of texture and mark-making, which is ultimately identified as a narrative within itself.

– Jay Yoon

Jimmy Liang is a painter based in Vancouver.
He graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2011

Jay Yoon is a writer and curator currently studying Art History at UBC.

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