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Choo-Kien Kua | Miguel Shaw

Choo-Kien Kua and Miguel Shaw have selected paintings from their larger bodies of work that display an interest in exploring process, composition and formalism. They sometime refer to forms, dimensional planes and arrangements that exist in reality and disregard any ideas about “pure abstraction”. Their loose approach allows for a disintegration of reality into its basic components (colour, form, texture, etc). Resulting in a collection of compositions that show a sensitivity towards formalism which is equally as important as any referenced objects and ideas.

Miguel Shaw is a painter and visual artist based in Vancouver British Columbia. He divides his time between Vancouver and Kelowna BC where he was born. His paintings are inspired by non objective subject matter and the abstract.

Choo-Kien Kua is a visual artist and musician from Calgary. In 2007 he moved to Vancouver to complete a BFA at Emily Carr University. Choo-Kien is interested in Abstraction, collage and intuitive art making.

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