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In Spite of the Abyss – Katherine Yi & Maia Nichols

New works by Katharine Meng -Yuan Yi and Maia Nichols

Opening Reception June 18 2015 @ 7pm
Show opens from June 19th to 28th by appointment
Yactac @ Dynamo Arts Association
Suite 103 – 30 East 6th Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 1J4
It’s a dirty job that beetle burn
Into the night like a leotard flat
And then there were two
Don’t leave
A seedless melon presses a button
What happens after forever
Perceptual synthesis is passive
Enormous immobility
Underlying support
Descend to the level of the one
It’s drafty
No one will see
Plastic expanse
Is your nature
So tender


Artist Bios


KATHARINE MENG-YUAN YI (b. Beijing, China) is an artist based in Vancouver. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts from the University of British Columbia. The point of interest of Yi’s multi-disciplinary practice lies in the everyday and the ordinary. Yi seeks to transform the generally rationalized presumptions into works that evoke of sentimentality, identity, and belonging that is inextricably linked to her personal experience and cultural heritage.


Yi explores new connotations and affects that allude to new perspectives of interpretation. Through emphasizing an object of banality, Yi abstracts the mundane into experiences that subtly hint towards an uncertain sentimentality. Her works have been shown in Vancouver and Beijing.


MAIA NICHOLS (b. Berkeley, California) is an artist whose works have been exhibited in Berlin, Paris, Vancouver and Oakland. She is an MA candidate in the Critical Studies department at California Institute of the Arts. Unassuming quietness posed by objects, the resurrection of intimacy and privacy in a society oversaturated. Composed with narrative, play, and memory, gestures are fragments, bent to a curved halt. In a reliquary of subtlety, minor protests echo loudly.
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