Artists Workshops

Jewelry Making Workshop

Sunday, February 14th, 2016

Join Jessica Jang on February 14th at YACTAC for a free jewellery-making workshop based on the works in her current exhibition, Sub Rosa. Jewellery will be made using discarded plastics, straws, and packaging. Create a piece to be worn or displayed on your wall- it’s up to you!

Participants are welcome to drop in throughout the afternoon and encouraged to bring materials that can be repurposed for jewellery. Examples of things to bring include straws, colourful plastics, balloons, yarn, old artwork! Due to limited space and supplies, the workshop will be limited to 6 participants at a time.

The gallery will also be open to visitors throughout the day between 11am-4pm, so drop by after the Chinese New Year parade!

YACTAC’S in the back in residence at Centre A ~229 East Georgia, Vancouver



For more info, check out >> Sub Rosa