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Ashley Andel Graphic Contraptions

Yactac is pleased to present new work by artist Ashley ANDEL.

A ‘concession to obsession’. ‘The complexities of minimalism”. Artist
statements, political relevance, sexual identification, social
connection. No tattoos; I prefer to have full nakedness as an option.

Musicians can bypass questioning of reason; musicians just ‘do it’.
You don’t need an artist’s statement to release a concept record.

Music is, evidently, heinous, and akin to fickle and volatile
tendencies as does second hand smoke.

The fact that a visual artist has to explain their product indicates an
aesthetic hierarchy of approach. Maybe it’s because we pollute the
water supply as we flush our paints down sinks and toilets, or
because we don’t have time signatures to hold us in place. Visual
or conceptual artists are unruly by nature, and that must be the
reason why so many questions arise when their work is attempted
to be exhibited.

Delightful contradictions; the Work of Play: the insular
otherworldliness of my perspective in all of it’s mistake of existence.


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