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산호맨션 Sanho Mansion

Featuring works by – Rejina Kim, Karen & Peggy Ngan

Sanho Mansion is a cardboard sculpture, a replica of an apartment building in Korea called ‘Sanho Mansion’. The work is inspired by Kim’s visit back to Korea, her home country where she had spent her childhood. During her brief stay in Busan in 2014, Kim visited her childhood home, an architecture fantasized and meditated numerous times since her departure to Canada. It was this moment of reunion that she wanted to metaphorically bring the building to Canada.

The artist’s desire to reconnect with her home is actualized by the use of Google Map, a technology that enabled the artist to virtually visit ‘Sanho Mansion’ from a satellite perspective. Kim takes Google Map to trace/visit her home in Busan; she then constructs a maquette of the architecture and creates her fantasy into a material reality. At Red Gate Gallery, Kim is presenting the sculpture as well as photographs of the building printed from Google Map.

Rejina Kim is pursuing her Pharmacy degree at the University of Queensland, Australia. Kim has recently obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Simon Fraser University.

In response to Kim’s exhibition, Peggy Ngan and Karen Ngan will present pairs of drawings. In these works, the Ngan sisters invite viewers to engage in their shared/individual memories through every-day scenes.

Sanho Mansion invites participants to bring or create art that represents an idea of home in Red Gate Gallery. Participants are welcome to bring their own materials!

Photo credit: Byron Dauncey

A great thanks to Red Gate Arts Society for their support.

Photo credit: Byron Dauncey