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A Fruit, nails and nails

Featuring works by Yuki Shiyu Ding, Hanna Bang, Fiona Yujie Zhao, Erika Germain, Deborah de Brito, Mae Lim Stark.

This show came together by working backwards from a prompt to draw parallels between our diverse backgrounds. It emerged from a phrase of symbolic exploration, A Fruit Nails and Nails . An important conceptual process is the resonance of our collective response to an initial idea. We all come from different places but we are joined by a ‘prompt’ to make art. The symbolism of fruit within the western art canon has shifted over centuries. In renaissance still life paintings, rotting fruit represented death and decay. In contemporary understanding fruit often has sexual connotations. Fingernails are dead matter; attached to the finger they are innocuous and part of the body, but separate, as in fingernail clippings, somehow they take on a grotesque nature. Metal nails, while free of inherent symbolism, have a utilitarian function and rich associations of puncture and penetration. In this show, each artist responded to the historical and symbolic implications of fruit, fingernails, and metal nails. We enter a discourse with the process of symbolism. Symbolism happens in the ways meaning connects and diverges from the place where it begins. This is how we connect and diverge from where we begin.

This event will be a 1 week POP-UP show graciously hosted by Welcome Gallery at 547 E. Hastings Street.