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Open Call for Submissions – “Anti-Social” – Yactac Virtual Art Exhibition

In light of the current global situation in a time where we are adjusting to a new updates, new routines, and new terms like ‘social-distancing’ and ‘flatten the curve’- Yactac would like to present an opportunity for artists to reach out by way of showcasing their artworks and sharing conversation.  “Anti-Social” will be a cumulation of art made from all over the world, using all types of media, and under the same theme of trying to understand the global pandemic that is Covid19.  We welcome submissions through our email until Apr. 30, 2020.  And our tentative virtual show and remote artist talk (if you are up for it) will take place tentatively May 30, 2020.  Hope you are all staying positive and healthy.  Please feel free to email if you have further questions or would like to chat.


Yactac Virtual Art Exhibition

Submission Deadline: Apr. 30

Opening Date: May. 30 (tentative)


We are asking for:

Artist name:

Title of the piece:




Price: ( this is optional, but recommended.  We only give out price upon request and we will take no commission for this show)